A Metrc usage simulator for administrators, IT staff, and facility operators; a fully functional Metrc API emulator for third party software developers.


PracticeTrack is a virtual version of Metrc that allows individuals and groups to configure and run fully interactive practice scenarios, and to master the usage and utilization of Franwell's Metrc system as a result.

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About PracticeTrack

Read more about PracticeTrack and its intended purposes.

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Third Party Software Development

Use-case information intended for people and organizations developing software integration for the Metrc system.

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Current Project Status

Project information and current status specific to the PracticeTrack system.

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Licensing Model

Read about the current intentions for upcoming distribution opportunities and pricing.

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Reservation Survey

Take a quick two question survey to help get the development of PracticeTrack going again!

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Project, Code, Documentation, and Schema Examples

For interested system buyers, this page describes how PracticeTrack itself is constructed.

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Contact Us

Contact Daniel about just about anything while project development is still underway.

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