What is PracticeTrack?


Note: For login and API access instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page.

PracticeTrack is a complete User Interface (UI) simulator and Application Programming Interface (API) emulator for use by all groups and individuals working in the cannabis industry within states that mandate the use of Franwell's Metrc system.

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oregon


As you may have already discovered, there is no room for mistakes in the Metrc system. Anything you input into the official state mandated system is permanent, including mistakes, which have to be backed out using inconvenient and sometimes confusing forward-entry techniques.

Complicating matters, only those of you who have already received your permanent operator licenses are allowed (and required) to use the Metrc system in the first place, which leaves very little time or leeway for practice on your path to mastery.

PracticeTrack not only mimics the entire functionality of Metrc, but does so in a 100% unofficial, unrecorded, non-permanent, and non-threatening environment where you are allowed to become familiar with the use of the actual system, making any mistakes on, or changes to, your data along the way, until you feel entirely confident with the changes that you would actually input into the official Metrc system when the time is right.

PracticeTrack was built with the intention of being used on a daily basis in any of the following settings, and more.

  • Interactive Metrc training in a classroom environment.
  • Interactive Metrc self-training at home or in the office.
  • What-if usage scenarios by licensed operators.
  • Formal record-keeping by unlicensed or temporarily licensed individuals.
  • Third-party software development.

Using the Prototype System

To login to the prototype website, click the Log In button in the navigation bar above, then use the Username and Password admin

In the API, only the GET calls are currently activated. You can access the data through a browser or any third-party application set up for the Metrc call routing. To test a call in the browser, use this domain as the base, and append the routing signature of the call. For example:


More Information

Read any of the sections below to get more ideas about how you would like to use PracticeTrack.

Home Page

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Third Party Software Development

Use-case information intended for people and organizations developing software integration for the Metrc system.

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Current Project Status

Project information and current status specific to the PracticeTrack system.

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Licensing Model

Read about the current intentions for upcoming distribution opportunities and pricing.

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Reservation Survey

Take a quick two question survey to help get the development of PracticeTrack going again!

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Project, Code, Documentation, and Schema Examples

For interested system buyers, this page describes how PracticeTrack itself is constructed.

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Contact Us

Contact Daniel about just about anything while project development is still underway.

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