Licensing Model


The system has not yet been completed so there are several choices available for the eventual licensing configuration. Following are the details of the model currently in focus.

If you believe you will be interested in one or more of the consumer, dealership, or ownership plans, please fill out a reservation survey. There are only a couple of questions, and it will help us to decide how quickly to proceed on this project.

Name Benefits Description
Individual Plan
  • Price: Single payment of $250.00.
  • Student pays for membership.
  • Either the instructor or student can arrange for the initial profile.
  • Student is permanent administrator.
  • Instructor is temporary administrator.
  • Multiple instructors can be allowed as admin.

In addition to getting to know how the Metrc system operates within a classroom setting, PracticeTrack is useful for developing 3rd party software and for working out what-if scenarios prior to permanently entering your information into the official state-mandated system.

This is also a great place to enter data for your own records if you have not yet reached licensed status with the state, which makes this plan ideal for the individual who intends to use PracticeTrack often, both in and out of the classroom.

Group 10-Pack
  • Price: Single payment of $2,250.00.
  • Instructor pays for membership.
  • The instructor configures student profiles at the beginning of each course.
  • Students are temporary administrators.
  • Instructor is permanent administrator.
  • One instructor is allowed per profile.
  • Profiles can be transferred to another instructor at any time.
  • Each student can still purchase their own Individual plans separately.

For scenarios where the student will be a transient member of the system throughout the course, the group plan allows the instructor to reuse a single set of profiles for each new class of students.

Non-exclusive Distributorship
  • Commission: 30%.
  • Direct reference or coupon code.
  • No quota.

Referrals to PracticeTrack can be a great way to supplement your income, especially if you complete several in a month.

Our generous commission plan is intended to motivate!

Exclusive Distributorship
  • Commission: 50%.
  • Sole representation of the system to industry.
  • Commission sharing plan with down-level distributors. The exclusive distributor manages all distributors.
  • Quota: Minimum 100 sales per month to maintain exclusive distributorship.

Because of the exclusive nature of the agreement level, only the first to act can be accepted into this program.

System Ownership
  • Full ownership and rights to the PracticeTrack system, its intellectual content, brand, and domain names.
  • The running cloud-based system and all of its source code are delivered to the new owner.
  • Payment for purchase does not become due until the date upon which completion of version 1.0 of the original system has been announced to the public.
  • One year of additional code and maintenance contribution, project management, and code-specific training from the original developer, free of charge.
  • No limitations on change of direction, plans or marketing.
  • The system is capable of paying for itself in a very short time, based on your sales volume.

This plan is terrific for the company who provides technical support services to the cannabis industry.

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