Third-Party Software Development


For third-party developers, Metrc provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows limited integration with externally produced automation software.


Before utilizing the API in real-time, however, you must pass a two-phase licensing procedure put in place by Franwell to keep the Metrc system data from receiving incorrect data.

In the first phase of certification, at least one representative from your developer's team is required to attend Franwell's training on the correct use of the API. Upon successful completion of that training, the attendee will be issued a developer's key, which allows access to the sandbox-only version of the runtime server. The key is used during calls made by your integration software to make function calls while one or more components are under development.

Stage two of the certification comes after the component has been verified to be working correctly and sending in the correct data during normal operation.

Metrc allows no room for error, even in the API sandbox, when it comes to developing third party integration software.

Although the sandbox is a non-critical environment, in terms of regulation and compliance, where you can test your calls and functionality, any calls you make to that server are recorded and monitored by Franwell, and potentially the state in which you are currently seeking certification. Therefore, whether you are working on a completely new plugin or just an upgrade to a plugin already in distribution, by the time you test your software in the official Metrc sandbox, it is highly advisable your plugin already be 100% perfect and pretested.

As the only fully functional Metrc API emulator, PracticeTrack allows you to directly test your plugins in a fully non-consequential environment until all calls and operations are running perfectly.

Once you reach that level, simply switch your server URL and key name over to the Metrc server and you are good to go live.

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